Golang : Check if a string contains multiple sub-strings in []string?

Problem :

You have a string and you use strings.Contains() function to determine if there is a sub-string inside the main string.

Such as :

Main string : ["apple is fruit"]

Sub string : ["apple"]

Now, you want to check against multiple sub-strings instead of just a single sub-string.

Main string : ["apple is fruit and tomato is a vegetable"]

Sub strings : ["fruit", "apple", "orange"]

How to do that?

Solution :

I've developed a bad word language filter for my own use. The has() function below used the strings.Index() function to determine if a bad word is inside the main string and break the for loop at first instance of a bad word detected. You can modified it for your own use. Perhaps, append those bad words into a slice and report them instead of breaking the for loop at first instance.

 func has(input string, words []string) (bool, string) {
 for _, word := range words {
 if strings.Index(input, word) > -1 {
 return true, word
 return false, ""

 var badWords = []string{"fuck", "shit", "cunt"}

 result, badWordFound := has(input, badWords)

 if result {
 fmt.Println("The word %s is a bad word.\n", badWordFound)

Is there another way to do this? Sure! You can use the strings.ContainsAny() function too.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
  x := "I feel like having a good sleep tonight"

  y := []string{"like", "having"}

  for i := 0; i < len(y); i++ {

 if strings.ContainsAny(x, y[i]) {
 fmt.Printf("Detected word - [%s]\n", y[i])

Play at : http://play.golang.org/p/CSVQprocj4

Happy coding!

Reference :


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