java.pngJava : Get FX sentiment from website example

13th June 2019

A quick Java implementation of my previous Golang tutorial on how to "scrape" FX(forex) sentiment data from a web….... read more

java.pngJava : Generate multiplication table example

12th June 2019

Putting this here for my own future reference. A simple Java multiplication table generator that I used to teach my….... read more

java.pngJava : Human readable password generator

12th June 2019

Below is a Java version of my previous tutorial on how to generate human readable password. Basically, what this Java….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Generate multiplication table from an integer example

12th June 2019

My son is 6 years old now and it is about the right time to expose him to some basic….... read more

java.pngJava : Random alphabets, alpha-numeric or numbers only string generator

12th June 2019

A simple Java function to generate random string based on given parameter - alpha, alphanum and numeric. Depending on the….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Get FX sentiment from website example

10th June 2019

Just a quick and simple tutorial. Got a friend that asked me on how to get FX(Forex) sentiment data by….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Accessing dataframe-go element by row, column and name example

5th May 2019

Dataframe-go is similar to Python's pandas package and it is used for statistics and data manipulation inside a Go program.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Gonum standard normal random numbers example

4th May 2019

Putting this simple example here for my own future reference. Just another way of generating random numbers beside using math/rand.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Detect words using using consecutive letters in a given string

13th April 2019

Got an interesting question asked by a member of Go Programming Language Facebook group. He is asking how to….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Calculate a pip value and distance to target profit example

16th March 2019

Below is an example on how to calculate a pip value from a given trade amount and exchange rate of….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Calculate US Dollar Index (DXY)

7th March 2019

Below is a code example on how to calculate the US dollar index based on a basket of other related….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Calculate pivot points for a cross

6th March 2019

As a habit, before I get into a trade position, I will always double check the target cross' pivot points.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Scan forex opportunities by Bollinger bands

27th February 2019

My previous post of using Golang to create a scanner to spot opportunities is base on RSI criteria. For this….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Find correlation coefficient example

26th February 2019

Below is an example of Golang code to find the strength of relation between two given variables or correlation coefficient.….... read more

golang.pngGolang : A simple forex opportunities scanner

21st February 2019

Below is a simple program that will scan for trading opportunities. Basically what this program does is to calculate a….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Get a list of crosses(instruments) available to trade from Oanda account

21st February 2019

Below is a simple program to get a list of available crosses for trading from Oanda.com. My original purpose of….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Oanda bot with Telegram and RSI example

20th February 2019

Putting this down for my own reference in case I need it again in future. Basically, the code below is….... read more

golang.pngGolang : How to iterate a slice without using for loop?

14th February 2019

A very simple example on how to iterate a slice of integers without using a for loop and use recursive….... read more