Similarities of Bhavagad Gita and Rich Dad Poor Dad

From time to time, I will re-read these two books. Rich Dad Poor Dad and Bhavagad-Gita. Below is my own attempt to highlight a couple of similarities that I've discovered in these two books.

NOTE: I won't go into the elaborated details nor I will say that you need to embrace a certain religion.

One book is published 20 years ago and another one is "spoken" thousand of years ago. I first read them in my 20s and I count myself lucky to be able to derive the wisdom and guidance from these two books. They have played a big role in shaping my thoughts.

Both books have similar aims.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad aims to teach us how to escape from the rat race by stressing the need to master financial education.
  • Bhavagad-Gita aims to teach us how to leave the cycle of birth and stressing the need to master oneself, do one's prescribed duties and achieve self-realization.

If one aims is to seek financial freedom by escaping from the rat-race and financial education. Choosing to follow Rich Dad Poor Dad guidance is not a bad choice.

rich dad poor dad book

If one aims to live a spiritually fulfilling life and hopefully escape from the cycle of birth and death. Choosing to practice the teachings imparted by Bhavagad-Gita is not a bad choice too.

cycle of birth and death

Both books aim to awaken our inner spirit and stress the need to know why and not just how.

Many religious people focus on the ritual parts. Most don't know why or what's the purpose behind the rituals. Bhavagad-Gita aims to tell us that there are more to just organizing pompous religious ceremonies and thinking there is nothing more to that. The purpose is to re-connect us to our creator by doing our prescribed duties and live in harmony within our lifespan.

Many people worked hard most of their life thinking that more work = more money. Most will look for higher paying jobs and don't know why they stuck in the cycle of work = money (a.k.a The Rat Race). Rich Dad Poor Dad aims to tell us that there are more than just hopping from jobs to jobs thinking that there is nothing more to that. The main purpose of Rich Dad Poor Dad book is to inform us that one can undo the years of programming by schools that conditioned most of us in hard-working employees and we can choose to become business owners or investors. It also informs us that we can choose to live our lives base on the type of incomes that we can get - either active, portfolio or passive income.

You can get Rich Dad Poor Dad books and other reading materials at For Bhavagad-Gita, there are many different editions available ... but I found that the audio books narrated by Purnachandra Goswami are the easiest to understand and remember.

For me, I found that I am a better listener than a book reader.

Below is a partial list of audio books found on YouTube.... there should be a total of 18 chapters. You can listen to a summary of Bhavagad-Gita in chapter 2. Gitamrita - 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 0: Introduction - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 1: Observing the Armies - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 3: Karma Yoga - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 4: Transcendental Knowledge - by Purnachandra Goswami

Gitamrita - 5: Karma Yoga Action in Krsna Consciousness - by Purnachandra Goswami

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