Use systeminfo to find out installed Windows Hotfix(s) or updates

Helping out a friend to troubleshoot his virtual Windows servers. One machine is for production use, running a Java application for his company internal users and another machine is for development server, which mirrors the production server but use for development work.

Putting this handy systeminfo command down here for future reference. Pretty quick and useful way to list out the installed Windows updates on one server and can use the list to compare the installed Windows updates on another server.

An example screen shot of systeminfo program output on command box.

systeminfo sample output

Since we are only interested to find out the installed Windows hotfixes and updates on command prompt. Simply run :

>systeminfo | find "KB"

systeminfo program will dump out a list of System Information and pipe the output to find program to filter out the strings that does not contain 'KB'

Run the same command on another server to get the list and then you can compare the lists to see if there is any discrepancies.

Hope this tutorial can be useful to you!

  See also : Findstr command the Grep equivalent for Windows

By Adam Ng

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