Golang : How to read CSV file

One way or another, CSV file is going to be part and parcel of a developer life. A programmer will bound to meet up with CSV file one day. In this tutorial, we will show you how to read CSV file wtih Go. Below is a simple code in Go demonstrating the capability.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 csvfile, err := os.Open("somecsvfile.csv")

 if err != nil {

 defer csvfile.Close()

 reader := csv.NewReader(csvfile)

 reader.FieldsPerRecord = -1 // see the Reader struct information below

 rawCSVdata, err := reader.ReadAll()

 if err != nil {

 // sanity check, display to standard output
 for _, each := range rawCSVdata {
 fmt.Printf("email : %s and timestamp : %s\n", each[0], each[1])

See how to load CSV values into Struct at https://www.socketloop.com/tutorials/how-to-unmarshal-or-load-csv-record-into-struct-go

The CSV file contains the following data

more somecsvfile.csv

"jenniferlcl@*****.com","2012-07-03 18:38:06"

"norazlinjumali@*****.com","2010-06-26 19:46:08"

"wilfred5571@*****.com","2010-07-02 21:49:55"

"nas_kas81@*****.com","2010-07-06 12:49:31"

"tammyu3622@*****.com","2010-07-06 13:55:21"

"wakrie@*****.com","2012-03-02 11:00:59"

"yst.shirin@*****.com","2010-07-07 10:19:11"

"annl_107@*****.com","2010-07-07 20:55:59"

"jen_5831@*****.com","2010-07-07 21:12:27"

"hsheyli@*****.com","2011-09-07 00:39:11"

The Reader has the following data structure :

 type Reader struct {
 Comma rune // field delimiter (set to ',' by NewReader)
 Comment rune // comment character for start of line
 FieldsPerRecord  int  // number of expected fields per record
 LazyQuotes bool // allow lazy quotes
 TrailingComma bool // ignored; here for backwards compatibility
 TrimLeadingSpace bool // trim leading space
 // contains filtered or unexported fields


Golang CSV Package

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