Python : Find out the variable type and determine the type with simple test

Couple of ways to determine or find out the type of a variable or object in Python. Listing down the methods here for future reference :

Use type(variable) method

 num_array = [0,1,2,3]
 > <class 'list'>

 t = ()
 > <class 'tuple'>

Sometimes we are not sure what the variable or object type is before performing operation on the variable. We can test it by type(variable) is. For example :

 type(num_array) is list
 type(num_array) is str

or with isinstance() function :

 isinstance(num_array, list)
 isinstance(num_array, str)

By the way, you can do this way as well if you prefer. With __class__ example :

 > <class 'list'>

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