Python : Create Whois client or function example

Adding this Python tutorial as a supplement for my previous tutorial on how to implement Golang whois client.

Whois a network utility to find out "who is" the owner behind a domain name. Some owners will display all the private information such as personal home address, mobile/cell phone numbers and while some will choose to protect their privacy.

Here is an example on how to implement whois query in Python :

 import sys
 import socket

 def whois(domainName, server):

 # dial to whois server port 43
 conn = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
 conn.connect((server, 43))

 # send query over conn
 conn.send((domainName + "\r\n").encode())

 result = b""

 while True:
 buf = conn.recv(1024)
 result += buf
 if not buf:
 return result

 result = whois("", "")

Hope this helps!

References :

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