Javascript : How to check a browser's Do Not Track status?

Problem :

You work for an advertisement network and you want to respect a visitor's Do Not Track status. How to detect or check if a visitor's browser Do Not Track is turn on or off?

Solution :

Use Javascript to extract the doNotTrack variable from the browser.

  • Chrome and Firefox based browser use navigator.doNotTrack
  • Safari is window.doNotTrack and
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer use navigator.msDoNotTrack

The value returned is usually yes or 1.

For example, to check Do Not Track status for most common browsers

 var DNT = window.doNotTrack == "1" || navigator.doNotTrack == "yes" || navigator.doNotTrack == "1" || navigator.msDoNotTrack == "1";



IF DNT is true, then the browser's Do Not Track is turned ON. If false or unspecified, then OFF.

[This solution will only work properly if Javascript is turned on.]


At the moment of writing, most ads networks will not honor Do Not Track status. Browser based add-on like Privacy Badger will be able to tell you which trackers will honor or ignore the Do Not Track status. In the long run, it will be wise to respect a visitor's decision to turn on Do Not Track.

Special thanks to Mr. Джон Сора of Russia for introducing Privacy Badger to me.

References :

By Adam Ng

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