Google : Block or disable caching of your website content

Problem :

You don't want Google or other search engines to cache your page content for reason such as - published a page with an embarrassing mistake or contain sensitive or erroneous information that you've removed from your server. How do you tell Google not to cache your page content?

Solution :

  1. Insert the noarchive meta tag in between the <head></head> block. For example :

      <meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive”>

    This will block as per page. And if you're looking to disable caching for the entire webserver, read the next solution.

  2. Or Insert this instruction in the robots.txt file and make it accessible from the webserver's root directory.

    User-agent: * Noarchive: /

    For example,

    In this way, Google will understand that you do not want any caching done for the entire server.

Hope this tutorial is useful to ya.

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By Adam Ng

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