Golang : Return multiple values from function

One of the features that I like about Golang is the ability to return multiple values from a function (Python and Perl can do that as well).

In this short tutorial, we will explore how to create a function that return multiple values.

To return more than one value, we just add another return parameter. For example, (int int) means that the function is expected to return 2 integer values.

 func returnTwoValues(a, b int) (int, int)

This code will demonstrate just that :

 package main

 import (

 func returnTwoValues(a, b int) (int, int) {
 return a + b, a - b

 func main() {
 a := 10
 b := 8

 aPlusB, aMinusB := returnTwoValues(a, b)

 fmt.Printf("A is %d and B is %d \n", a, b)
 fmt.Printf("A Plus B : %d and A Minus B : %d \n", aPlusB, aMinusB)

output :

A is 10 and B is 8

A Plus B : 18 and A Minus B : 2

By Adam Ng

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