Golang : How to get time in milliseconds?

Helping out a friend to calculate millisecond from a given date today. Apparently, there is no direct function in Golang's time package to get milliseconds from time. To get the time in milliseconds, we have to get the nano seconds first and then convert the nano seconds to milliseconds.

Below is a note from our experiment in getting time in milliseconds with Golang. Hope this short tutorial may be useful to you.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 now := time.Now()

 fmt.Println("Today : ", now.Format(time.ANSIC))

 // wrong way to convert nano to millisecond 
 nano := now.Nanosecond() 
 millisec := nano / 1000000 
 fmt.Println("(wrong)Millisecond : ", millisec) 

 // correct way to convert time to millisecond - with UnixNano() 
 unixNano := now.UnixNano() 
 umillisec := unixNano / 1000000 
 fmt.Println("(correct)Millisecond : ", umillisec) 


Reference :


Sample output :

Today : Mon Aug 17 13:14:02 2015

(wrong)Millisecond : 681

(correct)Millisecond : 1439788442681

By Adam Ng

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