Golang : How to calculate the distance between two coordinates using Haversine formula

I need to develop a service that calculate the distances of my current location to several points nearby. Each of the locations are represented by coordinates and my service will pick the 3 nearest points and select one of them. So, how to calculate the distances of my current location to each and every points?

Below is a simple example using the Haversine formula to calculate the distance between 2 coordinates.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 type Coordinates struct {
  Latitude  float64
  Longitude float64

 const radius = 6371 // Earth's mean radius in kilometers

 func degrees2radians(degrees float64) float64 {
  return degrees * math.Pi / 180

 func (origin Coordinates) Distance(destination Coordinates) float64 {
  degreesLat := degrees2radians(destination.Latitude - origin.Latitude)
  degreesLong := degrees2radians(destination.Longitude - origin.Longitude)
  a := (math.Sin(degreesLat/2)*math.Sin(degreesLat/2) +
  c := 2 * math.Atan2(math.Sqrt(a), math.Sqrt(1-a))
  d := radius * c

  return d

 func main() {
  pointA := Coordinates{2.990353, 101.533913}
  pointB := Coordinates{2.960148, 101.577888}

  fmt.Println("Point A : ", pointA)
  fmt.Println("Point B : ", pointB)

  distance := pointA.Distance(pointB)
  fmt.Printf("The distance from point A to point B is %.2f kilometers.\n", distance)


Sample output:

Point A : {2.990353 101.533913}

Point B : {2.960148 101.577888}

The distance from point A to point B is 5.93 kilometers.

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