Golang : Get today's weekday name and calculate target day distance example

Let's calculate how long it will take to reach Friday from today using switch evaluation. The code sample below will get today's weekday and evaluate the sum of today + n (n is the number of days) before hitting Friday.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 today := time.Now().Weekday()
 fmt.Println("Today is ", today)

 fmt.Println("When's Friday?")
 switch time.Friday {
 case today + 0:
 case today + 1:
 case today + 2:
 fmt.Println("In two days.")
 case today + 3:
 fmt.Println("In three days.")
 case today + 4:
 fmt.Println("In four days.")
 case today + 5:
 fmt.Println("In five days.")
 fmt.Println("Will be sometime away.")

Sample output :

Today is Monday

When's Friday?

In four days.

Reference :


By Adam Ng

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