Golang : Get future or past hours, minutes or seconds


You need to calculate future or past minutes, hours or seconds from the current time. Ability to calculate future or past hours, minutes and seconds can be useful in interpolating data in smaller scale than one day. How to do that in Golang?


Similar to calculating future by days tutorial, but a few levels down from days. We will still use the Add() function, but will convert the input parameters with time.Hour, time.Minute and time.Second. Run the code example below to get a better grasp.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (

 func GetHourMinuteSecond(hour, minute, second time.Duration) time.Time {

 return time.Now().Add(time.Hour*hour + time.Minute*minute + time.Second*second)


 func main() {

 now := time.Now()

 fmt.Println("Now is : ", now.Format(time.ANSIC))

 // get three minutes into future
 threeMinutes := time.Minute * time.Duration(3)
 future := now.Add(threeMinutes)
 fmt.Println("Three minutes from now will be : ", future.Format(time.ANSIC))

 // get 5 hours into past

 backFiveHours := time.Hour * time.Duration(-5)
 past := now.Add(backFiveHours)
 fmt.Println("Five hours ago from now will be : ", past.Format(time.ANSIC))

 // from a function
 getTime := GetHourMinuteSecond(0, 0, 50)
 fmt.Println("50 seconds from now is : ", getTime.Format(time.ANSIC))

 getTime2 := GetHourMinuteSecond(-5, -9, 0)
 fmt.Println("5 hours and 9 minutes ago from now is : ", getTime2.Format(time.ANSIC))


Sample output:

Now is : Sat May 6 15:13:32 2017

Three minutes from now will be : Sat May 6 15:16:32 2017

Five hours ago from now will be : Sat May 6 10:13:32 2017

50 seconds from now is : Sat May 6 15:14:22 2017

5 hours and 9 minutes ago from now is : Sat May 6 10:04:32 2017

Happy time traveling!




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