Golang : Get a list of crosses(instruments) available to trade from Oanda account

Below is a simple program to get a list of available crosses for trading from Oanda.com. My original purpose of writing this code is for developing my own trading bot and from what I discovered is that ..... not all crosses are available to trade in Oanda. Therefore, it is good to limit the trading bot to the crosses available.

Here you go!

 package main

 import (


 func main() {

  oandaAccountID := ""
  oandaAPIKey := ""

  fmt.Println("Get list of tradeable instruments for this account id : " + oandaAccountID)
  UsingLIVEAccount := false // set false to use https://api-fxpractice.oanda.com
  oanda := goanda.NewConnection(oandaAccountID, oandaAPIKey, UsingLIVEAccount)

  // list out all the available instruments under this account
  crossesAvailableToTrade := oanda.GetAccountInstruments(oandaAccountID)

  for k, v := range crossesAvailableToTrade.Instruments {
 fmt.Println(k, v.Name)

  // list only CURRENCY

  for _, v := range crossesAvailableToTrade.Instruments {

 // only print those with type CURRENCY
 if v.Type == "CURRENCY" {
 //fmt.Println(k, v.Name)
 fmt.Println(v.Name, ",")


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By Adam Ng(黃武俊)

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