Golang : Extract XML attribute data with attr field tag example

This is an additional tutorial for previous tutorial on how to add XML attribute in Golang with struct field tag, but this time we will learn how to extract the XML attribute data into a struct and retrieve the values. The code example below should be self explanatory. Leave comment if you have question.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
  chanData, _ := GetChannelData()
  fmt.Println("Total Upload Views : ", chanData.Stats.TotalUploadViews)
  fmt.Println("Subscriber Count : ", chanData.Stats.SubscriberCount)


 type Entry struct {
  Stats Statistics `xml:"statistics"`
  User  string `xml:"username"`
 type Statistics struct {
  TotalUploadViews int `xml:"totalUploadViews,attr"` // here!
  SubscriberCount  int `xml:"subscriberCount,attr"`

 func GetChannelData() (*Entry, error) {
  rawXML := `<entry>
 <yt:statistics lastWebAccess='1990-01-01T00:00:00.000Z' subscriberCount='698' viewCount='0' totalUploadViews='11286743'/>

  XMLbytes := []byte(rawXML)

  e := new(Entry)
  xml.Unmarshal(XMLbytes, e)

  return e, nil

Output :

Total Upload Views : 11286743

Subscriber Count : 698

By Adam Ng

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