Golang : Customize scanner.Scanner to treat dash as part of identifier

Putting this down here for my own future reference. Ok, the problem that I'm solving today involved using the text/scanner package to parse a given input with strings such as beli-belah, buah-buahan and jalan-jalan.

The initial problem is that scanner.Scanner will break buah-buahan to buah and buahan.

So, how to customize the scanner to treat - dash as part of the identifier?

Simple, use .IsIdentRune method to override the default behavior of the scanner.

For example,

  var scn scanner.Scanner
  scn.Whitespace ^= 1<<'\t' | 1<<'\n' | 1<<'\r' | 1<<' ' // don't skip tabs and new lines

  // treat leading '-' as part of an identifier ... for word such as buah-buahan, biri-biri
  scn.IsIdentRune = func(ch rune, i int) bool {
  return ch == '-' && i == 0 || unicode.IsLetter(ch) || unicode.IsDigit(ch) && i > 0 || unicode.IsPunct(ch)

If you encounter the same problem as I am, hope this helps!

Reference :


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By Adam Ng(黃武俊)

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