Golang : Check if item is in slice/array

Problem :

You need to see if an item is inside a slice or array.

Solution :

Golang does not have any builtin function to do this for the moment(March 2015). You have to write a function to iterate over the list and check if the item exist or not in the list.

 package main

 import (

 func printslice(slice []string) {
  fmt.Println("slice = ", slice)
  //for i := range slice {
  //  fmt.Println(i, slice[i])

 func stringInSlice(str string, list []string) bool {
  for _, v := range list {
 if v == str {
 return true
  return false

 func main() {
  strList := []string{"Hello", "World", "GoodBye", "World", "We", "Love", "Love", "You"}


  if !stringInSlice("Save", strList) {
 fmt.Println("The word Save is not in the list!")

  if stringInSlice("Love", strList) {
 fmt.Println("The word Love is in the list!")


Output :

slice = [Hello World GoodBye World We Love Love You]

The word Save is not in the list!

The word Love is in the list!

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By Adam Ng

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