Golang : All update packages with go get command

Problem :

Some of the third party packages that your Golang application use have now been superseded by better version. How to instruct Golang to download and update all packages. Much like sudo yum update or sudo apt-get upgrade in Linux.

Solution :

The command go get <package_name> is to download and install packages and dependencies, therefore the way to update all Golang packages found under $GOPATH should be similar.

Use the command go get -u all to update all the packages.

At the moment of writing, Google is shutting down code.google.com. You will see a bunch of warning messages indicating that packages with import path of code.google.com will stop working. After the update, I was able to run and compile my existing codes. So, it should be ok.

If you encounter problem after running go get -u all, perhaps you might want to download the latest Golang version and use go get <package_name> to download the latest packages that you need individually.

By Adam Ng

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