Gogland : Where to put source code files in package directory for rookie

Below is a simple guide for JetBrains Gogland IDE on how to add your own package and invoke the functions inside the package.

Wait?! Why write down this guide? Simply because one of my friends is having trouble doing so.


As mentioned by dlsniper in the comment section below, there is a bit of inaccuracy regarding this post. Please see the follow up guide on the fix - https://socketloop.com/tutorials/gogland-single-file-versus-go-application-run-configurations

He is a Java developer learning Golang and Gogland at the same time. He got puzzled that he couldn't invoke a function although the source code files were placed in the same directory and the function name Echo() starts with capital letter E - which makes it exportable.

Maybe his Java background still influencing how he codes.

Anyway, let's create a new project under Gogland and create two new files. First is the main.go and another is echo.go - which contain a function that we will invoke from main.go

Now, typically all the newly created .go files will be under the main project directory. You will need to place the files properly in order to make it work.

Below is an example screen shot of "wrong way" to place your source code files that most rookie will probably encounter:

wrong way for placing source code file

The proper way is to create a new directory and place the file containing the functions inside the new directory. For example, create a HelloPackage directory and place the echo.go file in.

proper way of placing function source code file

and make sure that the echo.go file first line is package HelloPackage instead of package HelloGogland

  package HelloPackage

  func Echo() string {
 return "Hello Gogland"

Click Run button and you should see the following output:

Hello Gogland

Process finished with exit code 0

Hope this helps and happy coding!

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By Adam Ng

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