Gogland : Single File versus Go Application Run Configurations

This is a follow up from the previous guide on how to place the source code files in Gogland. Thanks to the valuable tip provided by dlsniper... apparently, there is a way to fix the - "wrong way" - of placing your source code files with Gogland IDE.

Correcting the previous guide inaccuracy..... as a matter of fact.... you still can place your files together in the main directory and run the project.

See what I mean:

single file versus application run configurations

The difference is that in the previous guide, the default Run Configuration is set to "Go Single File".

To allow your project to invoke function from files within the same directory, all you need to do is to alter the Run Configurations to use "Go Application" instead of "Go Single File"

Gogland Go Application Run Configuration

For comparison purpose and to highlight the differences:

Top - Go Application. Bottom - Go Single File

top - go application. bottom - go single file

Hope this helps and if you do have question regarding Gogland IDE do raise it up at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/Go or reach out to dlsniper

By Adam Ng

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