Fix Google Analytics Redundant Hostnames problem

Google Analytics alerted me to a "redundant hostnames" problem today. From the message, appparently, Google Analytics is receiving data streaming from two version of my website instead of one, the non-www and the www version.

redundant hostnames alert by google analytics

To fix this problem, I need to tweak the NGINX configuration from this :

server {
 listen 80;

 return 301$request_uri;
 rewrite ^$request_uri? permanent;

to this :

server {
 listen 80;

 rewrite ^/(.*)$$request_uri? permanent;

Instead of two server names, now it has only one with the new server_name; NGINX parameter and redirect every request to the https version with the rewrite ^/(.*)$$request_uri? permanent; parameter.

After Google Analytics re-verify the new configuration, the problem is now marked as resolved.

resolved redundant hostnames

Hope this tutorial may be useful to you.

Reference :

By Adam Ng

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