Elastic Search : Return all records (higher than default 10)

Problem :

You only get 10 results from elastic search query and you suspected that there should be more results return by Elastic Search. How to increase or show all the matching results returned by Elastic Search?

Diagnostic :

From the official Elastic Search documentation - URI search request. By default settings, Elastic Search query will only return 10 rows.

size - The number of hits to return. Defaults to 10.

Solution :

You will need to increase the number of row returned with the size parameter.

For my own implementation in SocketLoop.com's tag search. I just specify the size parameter with a very large number. Bigger than my dataset.

This is taken from SocketLoop PHP source code :

 // Elastic Search default return size is 10, will just use 9999
 $searchquery = '{
 "size" : 9999,
 "query" : {
 "match" : { "tags" : "'.$searchkey.'" } 

or general example :*:*&pretty=1

  See also : PHP : How to parse ElasticSearch JSON ?

By Adam Ng

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