Clean up Visual Studio For Mac installation failed disk full problem

While trying to install Visual Studio for Mac yesterday, the installer decided to fail halfway during the download and install process.

After quitting the installation process, I found that some of my applications cannot run because of disk full problem. Apparently, the Visual Studio for Mac installer somehow used up all my available disk space. Last I checked that the download size is 3.78 GB and my SSD has about 13 GB free space. What's going on?

To get to the bottom of this disk full problem, I need to see the installation logs. To view the installation logs, first re-run the installer and wait for it fail again. Click on the "Manual Instruction" button.

visual studio mac-installation failed


you can click on the "Reveal in Finder" link or see the logs by clicking on "Open Log" button.

open log button in manual instruction on how to install visual studio for mac

Oh no! Unable to execute my favorite iTerm program because of disk full problem!

Luckily I'm still able to access the default Mac OS X's Terminal program and after analyzing the installation logs, I proceed to delete these two folders to remove whatever that are being downloaded halfway by the Visual Studio for Mac installer.

/Users/xxx/Library/Caches/XamarinInstaller (xxx being your default username in Mac, replace it with yours)



Voila! Managed to recover back my disk space.

Hope this helps!

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By Adam Ng

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