Android Studio : Create custom icons for your application example

Making your own Android applications will not be completed unless you learn how to create, generate and add your own custom icons for your application. This tutorial will teach you how to do just that with Android Studio and the wonderful Android Assets Studio tool.

What is custom app icon? For the uninitiated, something that looks like those icons pointed by the red arrows... rather than the standard green Android logo.

custom android app icons

Each project created by Android Studio comes with the standard green Android logo as the project application's icon. To change the icons, navigate to res/mipmap, right click on mipmap and navigate to Reveal in Finder. This will help us in locating the icons location.

navigate to reveal in finder in Android Studio to locate app icons location

and the standard icons revealed!

standard Android icons location

Head over to Android Asset Studio to generate the icons files that we need. The Android Asset Studio is a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) online tools that will handle all the dirty work for you.

Click on the Launcher Icon Generator tab and click on the Image button such as shown on position 1.

Generate both Square first and follow by Circle icons after downloading the zip file at position 2.

REMEMBER to append _round word for Circle icons at position 3.

Hit the download button on position 4 to download two zip files. One for Square icons and another for Circle icons.

a preview of Android Asset Studio

NOTE: You will need to supply your own image for the icon generator. There are plenty of free icons for Android app available for download as well.

Unzip the first zip file, and copy each image files to replace the standard green Android logo icons.

Drag and drop the files from zip file to replace the green Android logo icons. REPEAT for each directory. mipmap-xxxhdpi, mipmap-xxhdpi and so on.

standard Android icons location extract and move the new icons to replace the standard icons

and do the same for the _round icon files as well.

move the circle icons to replace the standard green Android logo icons

Once you're done, head back to Android Studio and it will automatically refresh to reflect the changes in the icons. If everything goes well, you should see the icons changed.

Android Studio refresh and show the icons changed.

Hit the Run button and your application icon should show the custom icon in the Android Virtual Device(emulator)

custom android app icons


Android Assets Studio

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