Adding Skype actions such as call and chat into web page examples

Putting these examples down here for my own references in future. Was helping out a web designer friend recently on one of his projects. His client wanted to put in Skype actions such as call and chat on their contact page. How to do that?

Pretty similar to how you will invoke the email client with mailto:. You can use a custom URI scheme to interact with the Skype client in HTML.

Skype's URI protocol has a structure such as below. username is obviously the Skype id and the type action you want to invoke. Such as chat or call.

 <a href="skype:<username>?<action>">Call me maybe</a>

There are several other actions available for Skype. Such as chat, call, userinfo, sendfile, add and voicemail.

Example on how to start a chat session via Skype, replace the username with the intended Skype id and action as chat:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?chat">Take a number first for Support</a>

Example on how to start a call session:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?call">Call someone special</a> 

Show a person profile:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?userinfo">See someone special profile</a> 

Send a file:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?sendfile">Send a file to someone special</a> 

Add to your Skype contacts:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?add">Add someone special to contacts</a> 

Leave a voice mail:

 <a href="skype:noexistencesupport123?voicemail">Leave a voicemail to someone special</a> 


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