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Golang : Extract XML attribute data with attr field tag example

golang xml attributes attr field-tag

This is an additional tutorial for previous tutorial on how to add XML attribute in Golang with struct….... read more

CodeIgniter/PHP : Remove empty lines above RSS or ATOM xml tag

php codeigniter xml-tag empty-lines rss atom


Your friend is complaining that your website RSS feed is busted and validating with https://validator.w3.org gives this….... read more

Golang : What is StructTag and how to get StructTag's value?

golang struct-tag

For those who code or read Golang's code and left wondering what are those string inside the '``' such as….... read more

List of Golang XML tutorials

golang XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format….... read more

Golang : How to create new XML file ?

golang XML

This is a follow up tutorial for XML and continue from previous tutorial on how to read XML file in Golang. In this tutorial, we….... read more

Your page has meta tags in the body instead of the head

missing meta tag facebook

Once in a while we will come across vague error message that lead us to no where and provide no further explanations. I've a chance….... read more

Read a XML file in Go

golang XML

Golang has a very powerful encoding/xml package that comes with the standard library. All you need to do is the create the data structures to….... read more

Golang : delete and modify XML file content

golang XML

In our two previous tutorials on how to read XML file and how to create XML file, we have forgotten to show you how to….... read more