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Golang : Command line ticker to show work in progress

golangoverwrite-same-line ticker work-in-progress


Your command line application is crunching data and you want your program to show the user that it is….... read more

Golang : Progress bar with ∎ character

golang progress-bar

This tutorial is add on to the previous tutorial on how upload/receive progress indicator. Just a slight modification,….... read more

Golang : Upload/Receive file progress indicator

golang upload progress-bar

It is always nice to have a progress bar telling us how long to wait for the upload or download….... read more

Binded - Easy peasy copyrighting tool for content creators

binded content-creators copyright protect-your-work

Alright, you like to create digital content and upload them online. You are known as a content creator. People such….... read more

Golang : Sort words with first uppercase letter

golang sort-words uppercase map replace-element-in-slice tag


You use the sort.Strings() function to sort a slice of words. However, you noticed that words with the first….... read more

Golang : Integer is between a range

golang minmax in-between-range integer


You need to check if a given integer is in between a range of integer. How to do that?

.... read more

Android Studio : Indicate progression with ProgressBar example

android-studio progress-bar build-gradle import-library-gradle java

Anyway, starting to get comfortable in learning Android Studio and really happy with my learning progress so far. Wouldn't it….... read more

Golang : Check if item is in slice/array

golang duplicate item-in-slice array

Problem :

You need to see if an item is inside a slice or array.

Solution :

Golang does not….... read more