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Golang : Simple word wrap or line breaking example

golang line-break word-wrap slice-string


You have a long text string and you want to wrap the text according to a given number of….... read more

Golang : Find the longest line of text example

golang line-break word-wrap longest-line strings-split

Ability to find the longest find in a given text file can be useful in a situation where you want….... read more

Golang : Reverse by word

golang reverse by-word

This tutorial will show you how to reverse the order of words in a string. Reversing the words or elements….... read more

Golang : How to check if input string is a word?

golang check-word regexp-syntax

Problem :

I'm writing a parser and I need to determine if the user input is a word or something….... read more

Golang : Word limiter example

golang slice-to-string word-limiter count-words


You want to limit a string to X number of words. How to do that?


Break the string….... read more

Golang : Convert word to its plural form example

golang pluralize singular-word item-in-slice

Here is a program that will convert a singular word into its plural form and at the same time, perform….... read more

Golang : Individual and total number of words counter example

golang word-counter strip-delimiter find-total-words


You need to count the unique instances of words and the total number of words in a given string.….... read more

Golang : Chunk split or divide a string into smaller chunk example

golang chunk-split line-break character-wrap rfc-2045


You need a function in Golang that are similar to PHP's chunk_split() function that can split a string into….... read more