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Golang : How to verify input is rune?

golang rune valid-rune utf8

Problem :

You need to determine if the user input is a valid rune. How to do that?

Solution :

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Golang : Check if one string(rune) is permutation of another string(rune)

golang permutation rune sort


You need to check if a given input string or rune is actually a permutation of another string(rune). For….... read more

Golang : convert rune to integer value

golang rune integer

Just a short tutorial on how to convert a rune into integer. Converting rune to integer value can be useful….... read more

illegal rune literal

golang rune

Problem : While writing out Go codes for tutorial today I came across this error message for the first time : illegal rune literal Diagnostic….... read more

Golang : Convert a rune to unicode style string \u

golang rune unicode convert quote-rune-to-ascii

Continuing from previous tutorial on how to get escape characters or \u unicode style string. These are some….... read more

Golang : How to print rune, unicode, utf-8 and non-ASCII CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters?

golang rune utf8 quoted-verb

Problem :

You want to print rune, unicode or CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters with Golang, but you are getting funny result. How….... read more

Golang : Customize scanner.Scanner to treat dash as part of identifier

golang scanner is-ident-rune unicode parser

Putting this down here for my own future reference. Ok, the problem that I'm solving today involved using the `text/scanner`….... read more

Golang : Remove characters from string example

golang strip-charactersindex-rune strings map


You have a string and you want to remove certain characters from the string base on a set of….... read more