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Golang : Normalize unicode strings for comparison purpose

golang normalize-unicode comparison equalfold

Here is a tutorial on of how to normalize unicode strings and do proper comparison of unicode strings. Suggest that….... read more

Golang : Check if item is in slice/array

golang duplicate item-in-slice array

Problem :

You need to see if an item is inside a slice or array.

Solution :

Golang does not….... read more

Golang : Sort words with first uppercase letter

golang sort-words uppercase map replace-element-in-slice tag


You use the sort.Strings() function to sort a slice of words. However, you noticed that words with the first….... read more

Golang : Experimenting with the Rejang script

golang rejang-unicode language writing-system

Someone informed me that I should take a look at the Rejang script(not to be confused with the .... read more

Golang : Convert word to its plural form example

golang pluralize singular-word item-in-slice

Here is a program that will convert a singular word into its plural form and at the same time, perform….... read more

Golang : Test input string for unicode example

golang test-unicode-string utf8 bufio


You are trying to create a slightly different solution for user that use unicode and you want to test….... read more

Golang : Format strings to SEO friendly URL example

golang seo-url regexp normalize unicode


You want to take a string and format it to SEO friendly URL. SEO friendly means no uppercase, underscore….... read more

Golang : Loop each day of the current month example

golang loop-date number-of-days-in-month


You need to get the current month, find out the number of days in the month programmatically and loop….... read more