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Golang : Handle Palindrome string with case sensitivity and unicode

golang palindrome test-string-for-unicode


You are studying Computer Science and you have an assignment to check if a word, phrase, number or any….... read more

Golang : Takes a plural word and makes it singular

golang inflector countable plural singular item-in-slice

Here is a program that will convert a plural word into its singular form and at the same time it….... read more

Golang : Rot13 and Rot5 algorithms example

golang rot13 rot5 unicode caesar-cipher ASCII...

Continuing from our previous ROT47 tutorial, we will now learn how to implement the ROT13 + ROT5 algorithms. ROT13….... read more

Golang : Get all upper case or lower case characters from string example

golang string upper lower remove-delimiterunicode-islower


You have a string and you want to get all the uppercase characters in the string. For example, you….... read more

Golang : Detect face in uploaded photo like GPlus

golang openCV detect-faces-in-photo google-plus upload


You have an app or website that allow users to upload their profile photo to your server. However, you….... read more

Golang : Get local time and equivalent time in different time zone

golang time-zone load-location time-in-location

Problem :

You want to show your website visitor the local time(on your server) and the equivalent time in another….... read more

Golang : Check if a word is countable or not

golang inflector countable plural singular item-in-slice

Here is an inflector function useful in determining if a given word is countable or not. The function returns TRUE….... read more

Golang : Command line ticker to show work in progress

golangoverwrite-same-line ticker work-in-progress


Your command line application is crunching data and you want your program to show the user that it is….... read more