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Golang : Example of how to detect which type of script a word belongs to

golang arabic-thai-devanagari unicode-in script-type

In one of my projects, I need to detect if a word that cannot be translated is of Arabic or….... read more

Golang : Simple Jawi(Yawi) to Rumi(Latin/Romanize) converter

jawi unicode rumi map translate

A simple example on how to use Golang's map to build a Jawi(Malays in Arabic script) to Rumi translation dictionary.….... read more

Golang : Get escape characters \u form from unicode characters

golang escape-characters unicode utf8

Problem :

You want to get the escape characters (\u form) from unicode characters(utf-8). How to do that?

Solution :

.... read more

Python : Print unicode escape characters and string

python unicode utf8-string

Couple of examples on how to print unicode string in Python. Nothing fancy, but it helps to explore the ways….... read more

Golang : Integer is between a range

golang minmax in-between-range integer


You need to check if a given integer is in between a range of integer. How to do that?

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Golang : Convert spaces to tabs and back to spaces example

golang tab space convert unicode character-substitution

A simple example on how to convert spaces to tabs and convert back the tabs to spaces again in a….... read more

Golang : How to check if a string with spaces in between is numeric?

golang isdigit numeric spaces unicode

Ok, I need a function that will determine if an input string is indeed numeric or not. The "standard way".... read more

Golang : Normalize unicode strings for comparison purpose

golang normalize-unicode comparison equalfold

Here is a tutorial on of how to normalize unicode strings and do proper comparison of unicode strings. Suggest that….... read more