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Golang : Get terminal width and height example

golang terminal-dimension width height

Problem :

You want to find out a terminal/console's width and height to calibrate your Golang text based program display.….... read more

Golang : Get dimension(width and height) of image file

golang image dimension height width

If you need to open up an image file, be it jpeg, png or gif. Chances are you will need….... read more

Golang : Execute terminal command to remote machine example

golang remote-terminal paramiko ssh


You need to query a remote machine with ssh to extract information such as memory usage or CPU information.….... read more

Prevent Write failed: Broken pipe problem during ssh session with screen command

macosx terminal screen broken-pipe

There are times when you are away from you computer/terminal and come back later to find the ssh session or….... read more

Golang : How to check if your program is running in a terminal

golang terminal gogland os accept-input


Your command line application accepts inputs from a terminal only or you just want to test if the application….... read more

Golang : Launching your executable inside a console under Linux

golang console terminal linux shell-script

Problem: You want to launch your executable under a terminal window after clicking on an icon. Why you want to….... read more

Golang : How to get Unix file descriptor for console and file

golang unix-file-descriptor terminal console

A short tutorial showing you how to obtain the Unix file descriptor for terminal/console and file in Golang with the….... read more

Javascript : How to get width and height of a div?

javascript jquery div-dimension div-width div-height

Problem :

You have a <div> and you want to get the dimension of the <div> such as height and….... read more