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Is Singapore's Smart Nation similar to Wall-E's Axiom?

singapore axiom futuristic technology

Here is my attempt to summarize or decipher Singapore's Smart Nation initiative. Kinda like TL;DR version of .... read more

I.D.Buzz the new Volkswagen retro electric microbus

technologyvolkswagen micro-bus

I must admit that I do like the retro concept of the famous Volkswagen microbus from the 1960s made….... read more

When to retire from programming and what to do next?

programming retire technology

This question has been lingering in my mind for a long time now and yesterday a fellow developer friend popped….... read more

Motorcycle with artificial intelligence by Yamaha

technology artificial-intelligence motorcycle yamaha

Wouldn't life will be better for motorcycle enthusiasts if their motorcycles learn how to recognize the owner and adjust the….... read more

Santalaia the modern day version of Babylon's Hanging Garden

technology green-architecture vertical-garden

The first time I know about a building covered with lush greenery is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Sid….... read more

Woz U for those looking to work in the tech industry

apple steve-wozniak education technology

"Woz U" is a new online education system launched by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak and it is aimed….... read more

Recipe to achieve Singularity

technology artificial-intelligence singularity mayoshi-son

So you want to help to realize the Technology Singularity and you are wondering where should you start. Below are….... read more

Battery powered folding bicycle by Brompton

folding-bicycle brompton formula-one-technologylifestyle

What else to do with a folding bike that allows us to go around to discover life outside our house….... read more