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Golang : Get hardware information such as disk, memory and CPU usage

golang cpu-usage cross-platform system-process-status operating-system

For this tutorial, we will learn how to extract hardware level information with Golang. Accessing hardware level information such as….... read more

Golang : Check from web if Go application is running or not

golang running status

When we run some processes in the background to perform certain tasks and it would be a good idea to….... read more

Golang : Get own process identifier

golang getpid process-identifier

There are times when developer needs to know the own process identifier(PID) of the executing program during runtime. This is….... read more

Quicker ways to access OS X System Preferences

mac-os-x system-preferences

There are many options available in the System Preferences that allows customisation of your OS X. However, there are times….... read more

Golang : Intercept and compare HTTP response code example

golang http status-code

Problem :

You want to query a website and intercept the response code. You also want to compare the response….... read more

Golang : How to run Golang application such as web server in the background or as daemon?

golang nohup daemon background-process

Problem :

You have completed your Golang program and want to run it as a background process or daemon. For….... read more

Detect Operating System in Go

operating-system golang

Ability to detect which type of operating system during run time can be helpful in programming a software behavior or prompt different output message to….... read more

Golang : Experimenting with the Rejang script

golang rejang-unicode language writing-system

Someone informed me that I should take a look at the Rejang script(not to be confused with the .... read more