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Golang : Convert []string to []byte examples

golang string-slice byte-slice convert

Problem :

You need a fast way to convert a []string to []byte type. To use in situations such as….... read more

Golang : Convert string to array/slice

golang convert string array slice

Just a note for my own self. Hope it will be useful for you.

Problem :

You have a string….... read more

Golang : Simple word wrap or line breaking example

golang line-break word-wrap slice-string


You have a long text string and you want to wrap the text according to a given number of….... read more

Golang : Break string into a slice of characters example

golang slice convert-stringTokenString scanner


You want to convert a string into a slice/array of individual characters. It is similar to breaking….... read more

Golang : Word limiter example

golang slice-to-string word-limiter count-words


You want to limit a string to X number of words. How to do that?


Break the string….... read more

Golang : Turn string or text file into slice example

golang text-string convert-to-slice delete copy append

Alright, I need to parse a large number of text files that contain some raw data generated by a machine.….... read more

Golang : Clearing slice

golang slice

Slice is something that I use frequently in Go and I always prefer slice to array at anytime. If you are new to Go and….... read more

Golang : Simple histogram example

golang histogram slice iteration

This is a simple histogram program written in Golang. Can be useful in situations where you want to roughly assess….... read more