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Golang : Launching your executable inside a console under Linux

golang console terminal linux shell-script

Problem: You want to launch your executable under a terminal window after clicking on an icon. Why you want to….... read more

Golang : Go as a script or running go with shebang/hashbang style

golang linux unix shebang hashbang shell-script

One of the job scope of Unix/Linux system administrator is to write shell scripts to accomplish certain task. However, there….... read more

Golang : Execute shell command

shell-command exec

A programming language will not be complete if there is no way for the developer to execute shell command. In this tutorial, we will show….... read more

Golang : Capture stdout of a child process and act according to the result

golang stdout child-process shell exec

Let say you want to execute a shell command of a child process in your main program and want to….... read more

Golang : Example of how to detect which type of script a word belongs to

golang arabic-thai-devanagari unicode-in script-type

In one of my projects, I need to detect if a word that cannot be translated is of Arabic or….... read more

Golang : Pipe output from one os.Exec(shell command) to another command

golang os-exec io-pipe shell-command

Problem :

You want to execute one shell command with os.Exec() function, wait for it to complete and then pipe….... read more

Golang : A program that contain another program and executes it during run-time

golang reverse-engineering defensive-programming karma run-timeshell-code

For this tutorial, what we are trying to achieve here is to write a program that contains another mini program….... read more

Golang : Get login name from environment and prompt for password

golang password os-get-environment two-factor script-authentication


You want to write a Golang script(short program for administrating server, etc) that grab the current user's login name,….... read more