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Golang : Drop cookie to visitor's browser and http.SetCookie() example

golang cookie-jar set-cookie

There are times developers need to drop cookie to website visitors' browser to determine if a particular visitor has been….... read more

Golang : Storing cookies in http.CookieJar example

golang cookie-jar set-cookie

Cookie can be useful for storing data and to be retrieved later on to fill in form values such as….... read more

Golang : Read, Write(Create) and Delete Cookie example

golang cookie-jar read-delete-create-cookie web-server

Got an email from a reader asking for a more elaborated example of how to read, write(create) and delete a….... read more

Golang : Implement getters and setters

golang get set identifier struct

Because Golang does not provide automatic getters and setters, Go programmers will have to implement the getters and setters themselves.….... read more

Golang : How to Set or Add Header http.ResponseWriter?

golang header set add http-response-writer

Problem :

How to set or add header to http.ResponseWriter?

Solution :

The solution is similar to previous .... read more

Golang : Set and Get HTTP request headers example

golang set-headers get-headers http-responsewriter

Couple of examples on how to set and get HTTP request headers in Golang.

Example of setting HTTP request header.

.... read more

Golang : Gorilla web tool kit secure cookie example

golang secure-cookie gorilla-webtoolkit generate-random-key

Sometimes we need to track user payment status and store the items to be purchased in the browser's cookies cache/jar.….... read more

Golang : Set or add headers for many or different handlers

golang set-headers http-response-writer http-request

Problem :

In Golang, setting headers can be done easily with the Set() method.

At the moment, you are setting….... read more