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Golang : Gorilla web tool kit secure cookie example

golang secure-cookie gorilla-webtoolkit generate-random-key

Sometimes we need to track user payment status and store the items to be purchased in the browser's cookies cache/jar.….... read more

Golang : Drop cookie to visitor's browser and http.SetCookie() example

golang cookie-jar set-cookie

There are times developers need to drop cookie to website visitors' browser to determine if a particular visitor has been….... read more

Golang : Storing cookies in http.CookieJar example

golang cookie-jar set-cookie

Cookie can be useful for storing data and to be retrieved later on to fill in form values such as….... read more

Golang : Read, Write(Create) and Delete Cookie example

golang cookie-jar read-delete-create-cookie web-server

Got an email from a reader asking for a more elaborated example of how to read, write(create) and delete a….... read more

Golang : Secure(TLS) connection between server and client

golang client-server secure-connection listening tls

This is additional tutorial for the previous tutorial on creating simple client-server program with Golang. In this tutorial,….... read more

Unix/Linux : secure copying between servers with SCP command examples

unix-linux scp secure-copy remote-server

Have to write this down in case I forget again and hope you may find these SCP examples useful too.

.... read more

Golang : Secure file deletion with wipe example

wipe-file secure-delete golang fill-slice-with-value


You are not sure if the file deleted by os.Remove() function is good enough to remove your data forever.….... read more