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Golang : Search folders for file recursively with wildcard support

golang search-recursively wildcard filepath

Ok, here is an example on how to search for a file starting from a target directory and recursively search….... read more

Golang : Find and replace data in all files recursively

golang search-recursively search-and-replace filepath

Alright, this tutorial is an enhancement of previous tutorial on how to search for file recursively with wildcard support. In….... read more

Elastic Search : Return all records (higher than default 10)

php elastic-search elastic-search-default-size

Problem :

You only get 10 results from elastic search query and you suspected that there should be more results….... read more

Google : Block or disable caching of your website content

cache google search-engines robots-txt

Problem :

You don't want Google or other search engines to cache your page content for reason such as -….... read more

Golang : Fuzzy string search or approximate string matching example

golang fuzzy-search approximate-string-matching

For this tutorial, we will learn how to do a fuzzy search in Golang. Fuzzy search or approximate string matching….... read more

Golang : How to search a list of records or data structures

golang search-record data-structures world-cities-population

Got a newbie that asked me how to search a list of records(data structures) for specific item and below is….... read more

Linux/MacOSX : Search for files by filename and extension with find command

linux mac-os-x search-file by-extension

Jotting down these useful commands here for future references, never know when I might need to recall them again on….... read more

Golang : Count JSON objects and convert to slice/array

golang json count-json-objects pagination elastic-search

Problem :

You have an array of JSON objects and you want to count the number of JSON objects. You….... read more