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Prevent Write failed: Broken pipe problem during ssh session with screen command

macosx terminal screen broken-pipe

There are times when you are away from you computer/terminal and come back later to find the ssh session or….... read more

Golang : Take screen shot of browser with JQuery example

golang screen-capture html2canvas jquery

In this tutorial, we will learn how to do a screen capture of a client(browser) and send the capture screen….... read more

Golang : Text file editor (accept input from screen and save to file)

golang input-from-screen file

The images of me learning WordStar as kid somehow appeared in my dream yesterday. So, today I'm going to write….... read more

Golang : Qt splash screen with delay example

golang Qt splash-screen main-window

Back in the 90s and early 2000's most software developers will develop for graphical user interface(GUI) application rather than web….... read more

Golang : Qt get screen resolution and display on center example

golang qt screen-resolution height width display-on-center


You need to start your Qt desktop application main window on the screen center and also need to detect….... read more

Golang : Detect number of active displays and the display's resolution

golang detect-resolution monitor screen-capture height width

There are times when we need to find out the number of active displays and their resolution. The following code….... read more

Cubetto - A screenless coding experience for kids

cubetto screen-less-toys kids-learn-programming lifestyle

Parents these days want their children to learn how to program because they know the programming is an essential skill….... read more