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Golang : Concurrency and goroutine example

golang goroutine runtime GOMAXPROCS concurrency

Golang has concurrency build into the core design and this is one of the main features that attracted many veteran….... read more

Golang : Stop goroutine without channel

golang stop-goroutine runtime segmentation-fault

Writing this down here as my own reference. In case you need to stop a goroutine from further execution and….... read more

Golang : Ways to recover memory during run time.

golang garbage-collection runtime free-memory

Problem :

Most program written with Golang should have automatic garbage collection to recover the used memory. However, there are….... read more

Golang : Add build version and other information in executables

golang ldflags add-build-information runtime executable binary


You want to add version and other information such as compilation time into your executables(binaries) and display the information….... read more

Golang : Reset or rewind io.Reader or io.Writer

golang io-reader io-writer seek panic-runtime-error invalid-memory nil-pointer-dereference

Problem :

You have read file with io.Reader till EOF. Or you want to rewrite a file with io.Writer again.….... read more

Golang : io.Reader causing panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

golang reset-io-reader panic-runtime-error invalid-memory nil-pointer-dereference

Problem :

You read a file to retrieve some data with io.Reader, then when you attempt to read the same….... read more