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Javascript : How to replace HTML inside <div>?

javascript replace-HTML div

Problem :

How to use Javascript to replace the HTML codes?

While attempting to show different content to visitors equipped….... read more

Golang : Read a text file and replace certain words

golang read replace

Problem :

You have a text file with some words that you need to replace with another word.

Solution :

.... read more

Find and replace a character in a string in Go

golang replace strings

String manipulation functions are a must have for a programming language and Go has plenty of them. In this tutorial we will see how to….... read more

Golang : Remove dashes(or any character) from string

golang remove-dash strings-replace

Problem :

You have a string with dashes in between and you want to remove all the dashes. How to….... read more

Golang : Find and replace data in all files recursively

golang search-recursively search-and-replace filepath

Alright, this tutorial is an enhancement of previous tutorial on how to search for file recursively with wildcard support. In….... read more

Golang : How to convert strange string to JSON with json.MarshalIndent

golang curly-braces json-marshallindent strings-replace


Your database is spewing out a funny looking string that looks like this {"width";800;"height";450} and you want to map….... read more

Golang : Perform sanity checks on filename example

golang file-upload sanitize filename replace


Your Golang application accepts files uploaded by visitors. However, you want to sanitize the uploaded filenames for security purpose.….... read more

Golang : Strip slashes from string example

golang strip-slashes strings-replace unknown-escape-sequence

A quick post on how to get an equivalent to PHP's stripslashes() function in Golang. Basically in PHP, the stripslashes().... read more