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Golang : How to check if input string is a word?

golang check-word regexp-syntax

Problem :

I'm writing a parser and I need to determine if the user input is a word or something….... read more

Golang : Find IP address from string

golang ip-address regexp

In this short tutorial, we will learn how to get the first occurrence of an IP address in a given….... read more

Golang : Validate email address with regular expression

golang email validate regexp

This short tutorial is add on to my previous tutorial on how to validate email address with Golang.….... read more

Python : Fix SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character in file, but no encoding declared

python syntax-error non-ascii utf-8

Don't really know why Python couldn't handle non-ASCII characters in the source code well by default. Encounter a syntax error….... read more

Golang : error parsing regexp: invalid or unsupported Perl syntax

golang regular-expression unsupported-perl-syntax

Compiling and running Golang program will throw out some odd error messages sometimes. Got one today with this error message….... read more

Golang : Validate hostname

golang validate hostname regular-expression regexp compile

Problem :

You need to validate if a given string is a valid hostname or not. Hostnames such as :

.... read more

Golang : How to extract video or image files from html source code

golang extract-video-image html regular-expression regexp

There are times when I need to download a certain video that I watched using browser and I need to….... read more

Golang : Use regular expression to validate domain name

golang hostname domain-name validate regexp

There are times when a user enter an invalid domain name as input and it is good to validate the….... read more