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Golang : simulate tail -f or read last line from log file example

golang tail offset read-at

In this tutorial, we will attempt to simulate the Linux/Unix tail command with -f option in Golang. What this code….... read more

Golang : Get RGBA values of each image pixel

golang rgba at image width height

Problem :

You need to find out each pixels R,G,B,A values on an image. Maybe to do ASCII art, edge….... read more

Golang : Read a text file and replace certain words

golang read replace

Problem :

You have a text file with some words that you need to replace with another word.

Solution :

.... read more

Golang : Compound interest over time example

golang compound-interest formula read-float read-integer

It is time for me to do something "lighter" now.... such as investing rather than heavy duty programming ..... so….... read more

Golang : bufio.NewReader.ReadLine to read file line by line

golang bufio-newreader read-line

In the previous tutorial on how to read file line by line with bufio.NewScanner() example. The previous example….... read more

Golang : Read file and convert content to string

golang read-file ioutil

Problem :

You want to read a file content and convert the content into string.

Solution :

Read the file….... read more

Golang : Read file

golang read-file

This is the most basic way of how to read a file into buffer and display its content chunk by chunk. This example read plain….... read more

Golang : Read file with ioutil

golang read-file

This tutorial will show you how to read a file into buffer and display the content in Go. This example read plain text file, if….... read more