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Golang : How to get quoted string into another string?

golang quoted-string appendquote string

Problem :

You have a string and you want to join it with another string which is quoted. Somehow, you….... read more

Golang : How to print rune, unicode, utf-8 and non-ASCII CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters?

golang rune utf8 quoted-verb

Problem :

You want to print rune, unicode or CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters with Golang, but you are getting funny result. How….... read more

Golang : How to check for empty array string or string?

golang string check-empty-string string-array

Sometimes that most obvious thing can be the hardest to remember. Putting this down as a note for myself and….... read more

Java : Random alphabets, alpha-numeric or numbers only string generator

java random string alphanumeric

A simple Java function to generate random string based on given parameter - alpha, alphanum and numeric. Depending on the….... read more

Python : Convert(cast) bytes to string example

python string bytes

Problem :

You want to convert or type cast bytes variable to type string variables in Python. How to do….... read more

Swift : substringWithRange() function example

swift sub-string substringWithRange

A quick tutorial as add on from previous tutorial on how to get sub-string with rangeOfString() function. Another….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) String to Double

casting swift double string

Helping out a colleague to solve this simple task of converting string value to double today. Putting down this solution….... read more

PHP : Convert(cast) string to bigInt

convert casting bigint string

Problem :

In PHP, you want to convert(cast) a string to become big integer value.

Solution :

Use GNU Multiple….... read more