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Golang : Remove dashes(or any character) from string

golang remove-dash strings-replace

Problem :

You have a string with dashes in between and you want to remove all the dashes. How to….... read more

Golang : Delete certain files in a directory

golang delete directory

Encounter a situation today where I need to delete some files in a directory. Not all files, but some files….... read more

Golang : How to validate ISBN?

golang isbn validate-ISBN remove-dash

This tutorial will show you an example on how to validate ISBN with the govalidator package and then get the….... read more

Golang : Removes punctuation or defined delimiter from the user's input

golang remove punctuation delimeter user-input

Problem :

You need to clean up your user's input from punctuation or certain delimiter defined by you. For example,….... read more

Linux/MacOSX : Search and delete files by extension

linux mac-os-x delete-file by-extension

Continuing from previous tutorial on how to search for files by extension with find command. For this post,….... read more

Golang : Delete item from slice based on index/key position

golang delete-element slice array append

Problem :

You want to delete an element from a slice or array and you know the index(position number) of….... read more

Golang : Secure file deletion with wipe example

wipe-file secure-delete golang fill-slice-with-value


You are not sure if the file deleted by os.Remove() function is good enough to remove your data forever.….... read more

Golang : Get all upper case or lower case characters from string example

golang string upper lower remove-delimiterunicode-islower


You have a string and you want to get all the uppercase characters in the string. For example, you….... read more