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Golang : Convert lines of string into list for delete and insert operation

golang container-list push-delete-pop-remove linked-list text-string


You want to convert a list of items in text format into a list. With the list, you want….... read more

Golang : Delete file

golang delete

Deleting file in Go is simple. This short tutorial will demonstrate how to delete a file. Let choose a file deleteme.file as target practice and….... read more

Javascript : Empty an array example

javascript empty-array pop-array

Problem :

You have an array in JavaScript and you need to empty it. How to do that?

For instance….... read more

Golang : Delete files by extension

golang delete

Being able to select certain type of files to delete can be useful. In this follow up tutorial from Golang : Delete file, we are….... read more

Golang : How to delete element(data) from map ?

golang delete element map

Problem :

You need to delete some elements from a map.

Such as:

cities := map[string]string{ "city1":"New York", "city2":"Adelaide"….... read more

Javascript : Push notifications to browser with Push.js

javascript push-notification browser RSS


Instead of RSS, you want to send notifications to your visitor's computer through their browser about the latest updates….... read more

Golang : Clean up null characters from input data

golang remove-null bytes trim

Problem :

You have input data in slice of bytes and you want to remove the null characters in the….... read more

Delete a directory in Go

golang delete-directory

A simple tutorial on how to delete a directory in Go. This tutorial is a respond to this solution which is not the recommended way.….... read more