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Golang : Print how to use flag for your application example

golang flag-nflag prompt-usage-information

Just a short tutorial on how to usage flag package to check for the number of flag arguments require by….... read more

Golang : Get expvar(export variables) to work with multiplexer

golang expvar debug-information multiplexer

Golang has the expvar package that allows your web application to display debugging information during run time. Basically,….... read more

Golang : Get S3 or CloudFront object or file information

golang s3 cloudfront etag header-informationmetadata

Here is a simple example on how to get the S3, CloudFront object (in fact, any file accessible from URL)….... read more

Golang : Find file size(disk usage) with filepath.Walk

golang filepath-walk file size disk-usage find

Need to determine which file is taking up all the disk space? Maybe this small Golang program can be useful….... read more

Golang : Handling Yes No Quit query input

golang keyboard-input yes-no-quit-prompt get-char

The following is a simple program that will accept a single key answer from the console without the user hitting….... read more

Golang : Get hardware information such as disk, memory and CPU usage

golang cpu-usage cross-platform system-process-status operating-system

For this tutorial, we will learn how to extract hardware level information with Golang. Accessing hardware level information such as….... read more

Mac/Linux/Windows : Get CPU information from command line

linux windows mac-os-x cpu-information wmic sysctl

Writing these down here for future references, will be handy with comes to identifying a machine's CPU information during system….... read more

Golang : Add build version and other information in executables

golang ldflags add-build-information runtime executable binary


You want to add version and other information such as compilation time into your executables(binaries) and display the information….... read more